Hi there! This is just my little corner of the internet.I'm an American musical theatre major and amateur YouTuber and songwriter. I love hedgehogs, black currant tea, talking to people, poetry, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Thanks for coming to my blog, and feel free to shoot me a message if you want to talk.

She/Her pronouns please. Pansexual and not attracted to cookware. It's the food inside it that counts.



the deep sea terrifies me and so do the southern united states

[anglerfish swims by] how y’all doin


petition to start referring to wildly OOC shit designed to make people cry as “weepypasta”

17 Magazine- INTO talking in memes

17 Magazine- INTO talking in memes

Royal physician Sir Russell Reynolds took an interest in O’Shaughnessy’s work and administered cannabis to Queen Victoria for PMS.

More gold from my textbook. (via shadesofsky)

I am horny on a train
I am horny in a plane
I am horny in the park
I am horny in the dark